Dissertation Topics For Nursing

The health science profession, nursing, provides graduates the opportunity to care for patients directly. Besides their physical needs, nurses can also attend to their emotional needs. These health professionals can work in doctor's offices, hospitals, private homes, schools, and nursing facilities.

Nursing training involves hands-on courses, practical, and clinical internship. The training commences immediately; the students have completed the general education requirements for the profession. Consequently, they acquire enough skills to work as nurses competently. In fulfillment of the requirements for the award of Bachelor of Science degree in nursing (B.S.N), the students have to submit a dissertation.

This document is a lengthy piece of writing on a particular research topic. Before you start writing your dissertation, you will have to choose a topic. You may be confused about how to take this first step. However, the list of suggested topics below may be helpful in writing your nursing dissertation paper.

Dissertation topics for public health

  1. The impact of alcoholism among teenagers on public health.
  2. The role of poverty in childhood diseases.
  3. The effects of drinking contaminated water in rural areas.
  4. The public health issue of diabetes and related lifestyle interventions.

Dissertation topics for clinical management

  1. New strategies in the management of adults in intensive care units.
  2. Best management practices for post-traumatic stress disorder patients.
  3. Risks associated with the clinical management of prostate cancer patients.

Dissertation topics for midwifery

  1. The role of a midwife in reducing health risks resulting from postpartum depression.
  2. Does midwifery support have any long-term effect on pregnant women?
  3. Midwives’ influence on aided informed choices and decision-making among pregnant women.
  4. Perceptions of pregnant women on patient’s data confidentiality among midwives.

Dissertation topics for mental health

  1. Can the socioeconomic background of people affect their mental health?
  2. Do female victims of physical and sexual abuse have any mental health needs?
  3. Impact of drugs and alcohol intake on the mental health of adolescents and young adults.
  4. Does mental illness contribute to the increasing suicide rates among youth?
  5. Can social pressure result in mental illness among bisexuals, lesbians, and gay?
  6. Elaborate on the role of unemployment in aggravating mental health conditions.

Dissertation topics for community nursing

  1. Children’s nutritional status evaluation, a vital aspect of community nursing.
  2. Can community nursing services improve the quality of life among the elderly population?
  3. Discuss the complications which victims of natural disasters are likely to suffer. Justify your claims with accurate evidence.

Dissertation topics for pediatric nursing

  1. With suitable case studies, discuss the current pain management practices in pediatric nursing.
  2. Do children with autism spectrum disorder benefit from play therapy?

A dissertation is a vital part of the academic curriculum. Choose a relevant topic in your subject area of interest. Then, source information and start writing your dissertation paper. You can impress the evaluation committee with a well-written thesis. Besides, that adds new information your field can earn you bonus points.

However, writing a nursing paper seems to be a massive undertaken for many students. Even when provided with a topic, some students still feel reluctant to take on the research project. Dissertation writing help can save the situation. You can pay for cheap and quality thesis writing services from professionals online.